Prepaid Plan

Pre-arrangement at Simple Traditions is easy.  It allows you to state in writing your final wishes. Your instructions are kept on file with us to be carried out faithfully by your loved ones. There is no charge for this service, simply fill out the registration form and return it to us. We also offer our Prepaid Plan which allows you to pay for your services in advance to ease the stress of a difficult future event. We offer guaranteed and non-guaranteed plans. Both plans are set up to specifically meet your financial abilities. There is no monthly due date and no penalties for late payments. Our guaranteed plan lets you lock in today’s prices, so your plans won’t be affected by any future increases in pricing.
  • Burial Membership Registration Form (PDF)
  • Cremation Membership Registration Form (PDF)
  • Burial Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected (PDF)
  • Cremation Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected (PDF)
  • Authorization to Release (PDF)
  • Green Burial Membership Registration Form (PDF)
  • Green Cremation Membership Registration Form (PDF)