Meet the Simple Traditions Team

Our organization was conceived in 1995 by two young women who were determined to provide a funeral service to people experiencing a loss. They met while working together at a large, well known funeral organization. Both women were uncomfortable with the requirement to sell merchandise and services to families that either didn’t need them or couldn’t afford them.

With not much more than their funeral licenses and experience in the industry, the two women embarked on a journey together to build a company that focused on individual attention without high pressure sales. They both firmly believe that the funeral industry should be service oriented, not profit-driven.

Building this company has not been easy, nothing worthwhile ever is. There have been times when giving up was a very real and appealing option. However, the founders believed so strongly in the philosophy of their company that they persevered. Today, they continue their commitment to helping those experiencing a loss with compassion and warmth.

It’s well known that animals, especially cats and dogs, can bring great comfort in times of stress or grief. Just having one around can remind our clients of the joy of unconditional love and make a trying time much easier. For that reason, we have two “companion” animals, Sydney and Patty, who are always here to bring a moment of calm and comfort to families in need.